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Bill Chambers and Ted McDonald team up to win Nipissing big time

Well I will tell ya its not very often we see two old timers pull a big win on these young guns fishing now adays 'but it must have been the great weather we had that spured Bill Chambers and Ted McDonald on when we fished Lake Nipissing on July the 29th, because these boys but put a show on for us that shocked everybody. Bill and Ted looked the same as everybody in the morning but at the end of the day the boys were walking pritty high as they came to the scales carrying a bag of fish that weighed 21.62 LBs , topping the field by over 4lbs to win the Tournament with ease. It was nice to see Bill and Ted win this one , just goes to show your never too old.

Two of our northern boys Jason Mazzocato and Paul Bousher also made a good showing on Nipissing this weekend coming in with 17.76 lbs. but almost missed the boat by chaceing smallmouth but realized that they had better go for Largemouth and not only got 2cd place but the big fish weighing 5.70lbs. Anglers need to know if its not working dont be afraid to change it up , because it can pay off big sometimes.

The third place team of Brian Milne and Greg Gilson would come to the scales with 17.44 lbs but said the great weather sucks for Smallmouth anglers LOL.

Mat Koprash and Cameron Boake win Lake Nosbonsing

Once again another great sunny day, greeted anglers for the 6th TSB Classic qualifyer Sunday morning July 30th. Nosbosing is usualy a morning fishery but today the fish just seemed to keep coming for some anglers, and Cameron and Mat as they worked thier to the 1st place win with 15.86lbs. We did not think we would win on this Lake with that weight the boys said but we sure dont mind taking the win the cash and the plaques LOL.

Dave LaFontaine and Steve McLean thought they had better show there not just another pair of pritty faces on the tournament trail but can still fish a bite and came in 2cd with 13.52lbs. Same as everybody else I lost the big one that would have won LOL.

Third place would go to two old guys by the names of Andrew Poitras and Gary Neal with 13.38lbs. Gary said he felt sorry for us so they threw out one that would have gave them 2cd LOL.

Next Event will be on Cassels Lake and Lake Temagami August12/13th

opps here we are.

Howard and Dan Gifford pop up again on Cassels Lake

Its not very you get great weather every Tournament but this year it just seems to be that way. The weather this year is really driving anglers crazy because the fish are harder to figure out than ever as storms move through all week than nice weather. Anglers really need to be on the ball if they wont to win and Dan and Howard did just that this weekend. The team managed to catch 15.92lbs for the 1st place win. The team did a lot of running but it paid off Dan said,and we had alot of fun doing it.

Ive been warning everybody about these 3 teams that are on a rampage winning this year and sure enough Al Moonie and Brent Polson showed up in one of the top spots again. The team came in with 14.92 lbs to take the second spot on Cassels. I think we are going to have to put a stop to them soon lol.

Third place would go to Gilbert and Jamie Maille with 14.88 lbs.Just cant seem to get enough time to pre fish this year Gilbert said, but still cashed a cheque anyway LOL.

We are back says Gilbert

Gilbert and Jamie Maille might have slipped on Cassels yeasterday but today they made up for it coming to the scales with 15.84lbs for the 1st place win. I asked Gilbert what happened, and he said he whent home and the wife tore a strip off him and Jamie so today they worked a little harder and it payed off THAN GOD LOL.

New teams are always nice to see and usualy they have to learn the Lakes and what to use , but Paul Yeo and his brother Mike Yeo had no probblem handeling the presure on their first Tournament. The team managed to bring 15.20lbs to the scales Sunday for the 2cd place win. This seems to be more fun than working they said plus you get paid LOL. Good job boys, and will see you soon.

Third place would go to another of on e of those 3 teams I talked about , Paul St Cyr and his brother Jean Guy St Cyr came in with 13.74lbs. and yes they where excited and really looking towards the last 2 qualifyers.


See You there Stay Safe have Fun Dave

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