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Darryl Dumas and Ron Danis team up to win on Lake Temiskaming

With another great weekend for the Temiskaming Smallmouth Bass anglers Saturday June 24th the homes on Lake Temiskaming heard the roar of Bass boats shooting down the Lake at 7am to find the 5 big Bass that would win them the Tournament for that day. With the weather as crasy as it has been alot of the Bass had just finnished spawning and were on a big feed. This can be a difficult time to fish as bait fish move around with the wind, but as always our anglers can find them no matter what the weather. Now finding the big ones well usualy only a few anglers will run into the , and Ron Danis and Darryl Dumas from Kirkland Lake did just that. The team moved around alot but managed to find 5 fish for a total of 17.32lbs , making the the 1st place winners for the 3rd qualifyer of the year.

Al Moonie and Brent Polson from Notre Dame du Nord Quebec have had a little tast of the winners circle over the last few years but this year it seems the team has finnaly started to put it all togeather. The team managed to find 5 fish for a total of 17.20lbs, for a easy 2cd place win. If the team keeps this up much longer they could possibly win A.O.Y. and I will never hear the end of it LOL.

The third place team would go toPaul St Cyre and John Guy St Cyr from Kirkland Lake. I remember when these two started they where ready to learn and hungry for info on how to catch bigger and more fish. Well they did listen and now are a team to whatch out for because now they are hungery for the A.O.Y. as well. The team came back Saturday with 16.76lbs for the win.

Bay Lake Latchford June 25th

Once again another great sunny day, greeted anglers for the 4th qualifyer Sunday morning. Teams from Ottawa, ParrySound, North Bay and our local teams battled it out for the top 3 places. Just in case your wondering we do pay down further than that but these are the spots you want to be in for the A.O.Y. award, pus they pay more LOL.

I guess the rest of us are going to have to pick up the pace and sharpen our hooks because we seem to have a repetitive cean going on here because the top 3 teams just dont want to give up.Jason Maszzocato and Paul Boucher from Kirkland Lake would take 1st place with 17.10lbs, over 2lbs ahead of the rest of the field, on a Lake that you must get your fish right off to win. The team did just that Sunday and seemed to get them early.

Paul StCyr from Kirkland Lake and John Guy StCyr from King Kirkaland came back with 15lbs to take the second place win but did alot of running and hit alot of spots to find thier fish, but in the end it payed off.

Third place went to Brent Polson and Al Moonie From Notre Dame du Nord Quebec with a weight of 14.48lbs. These 3 teams will be the ones to watch when we return to New Liskeard in the fall for ther Bass Classic, because they got the bug to stay on top now and go for as many wins as possible this year.

Next Event will be on Lake Nipissing and Lake Nosbonsing July 29th /30th

See You there Stay Safe have Fun Dave

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