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Temiskaming Smallmouth Bass Series NEW Tournament Dates and Rules

Jim Krech will be the new Tournament Director for the Temiskaming Smallmouth Bass Series in 2019. Jim with the help of myself and some of the Board of Directors will be taking the Series in a new direction, hopfully to improve the Series, and as I know from experance this will be a learning experiance for them.

This year the Tournaments will be one day events on a weekend, so that you the anglers can still have one day that weekend to spend with family.

This year the entry fee will be $200 per team so that anglers can have a better pay back at the events. This is not a big increase compaired to most Tournaments, and we will be talking to anglers over the year to see how this effects them.

Also NEW for 2019 will be a trikel start, which will eliminate any chance of someone getting hurt at blast off.

I know the new costs can be alot for some teams such as Family teams, wife,daughter,son, grandkids so I will be talking to everyone about this and see if we can arrange a few Tournaments just for them. Please note we need imput on this issue from you the anglers.

I will need to find out more about Angler of Year and different things and will let you know as soon as I find out but will give you Dates I know about now so you can start planing your year fishing.

NEW FOR 2019


Anglers may pay day of event or by e transfer. For e transfer please contact Jim Krech, Tournament Director, at 705 358 9139.

Blastoff positions will be determinded by when your entree fee is reseved.


There will be a 12 inch size limit and a pentialy for smaller fish so NO fish under 12 inches.

NO 3rd angler in boat, Only 2 anglers may be in the boat in events, no other person may be in the boat in an event for any reason.

Any questions about the rules please contact organizes before blast off.

This is still a 100% pay back 75% at event 25% going to Classic.

Tournaments may be postponed due to bad weather and a total refund will be returned.

All teams are asked to file out info on you and your partner such as e-mail address and phone numbers and send it to Jim at, because he will be entering it into a computer program for weights. There will be a release form for everyone to singe at your first event. Thank You.

New Scales with LED read out for everyone to see plus automaicaly will send e mail to everyone the results.

Your $200 entry fee will be $180 for Tournament and include $20 Big Fish

NEW NEWS.... The Hidden Tournament will be on TROUT LAKE AUG. 18the North Bay .

Also ... YOU ONLY NEED 35lbs to make it into the CLASSIC and the FEE Draw for the Boat Motor and Trailor will carry on.

As all of us old anglers know when a Tournament Series has new Directors take over and new things are tried, it takes time to get things back to normal, and running smoothly. So be I suggest you try it out and see what you think the boys have already learned lots in just 2 events.

May 26th Lake Sesikinika

June 9th Larder Lake

June 30th Lake Temagami

July 14th Lake Temiskaming

August 4th Cassels Lake

August 18th Hidden Tournament, Location will be TROUT LAKE AUG 18th.

CLASSIC August 31st Septmber 1st on Lake Temagami

Its been a pleasure to be your Tournament Director for the last 16 years, and yes we will still be fishing but get more time to spend time with all the anglers at each event.

Dave LaFontaine

RR1 Englehart






Stay Safe Have Fun

Dave LaFontaine

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