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August 27th 2017, Trout Lake

Tournament Contacts: Al Moonie 1-705-648-0946
  Brent Polson 1-705-648-0946

Start - 7:00am / Weigh in - 3:00pm


BOAT LAUNCH / Goverment Dock behind M.N.R. building :

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Tournament Results

Paul St Cyr and Jean Guy St Cyr slam dunk a Win on Trout Lake

If you dont think pre fishing pays off, you will never convince Paul and Jean Guy St Cyr. The boys spent most of thier summer pre fishing for all the events and I can only imagine the reseption they got at home some days because I have been there, LOL. But its better than having your man sit in a bar all day I always say and if you realy want something, than you got to work for it as hard as you can.

Trout Lake was no exception, and even with a broken trolling motor the boys still managed to beat the field with 20.38 lbs. We found the fish earlier this week the boys said and just prayed they would still be there Sunday, and they where. A few times other anglers where on them but once they left we came in and the fish where still there . We could not beleave our luck but some days its just like that I guess said Jean Guy and to win the Big Fish of the Day well that toped if off .

Cameron Boake and Matt Fuller would take secon place with 17.22 lbs, was hoping for a repeat of Nos said Cameron but just did not get the right fish LOL.

The third place win would go to two old boys by the names of Gary Neal and Andrew Poitras with 16.86 lbs. Gary told me he likes third place, he said there is no presure here and we have fun and get paid to do it LOL.

See you at the Classic

Stay Safe have Fun

Dave LaFontaine

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