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2017 Temiskaming Smallmouth Bass Classic on Lake Temiskaming raps up

It,s a well know fact that when Temiskaming Smallmouth Bass Series is holding a Tournament that the weather gods usually smile on us , and this weekend was no exception. It’s hard to believe that you could be fishing a Bass Classic in September and it’s so hot that you need shorts but that’s just the way things happen with us fishing this year.

It makes for hard fishing when the water is like glass and it’s hotter than a 4 pecker hoot owl, but with some of the best anglers in northern Ontario on the water somebody is going to catch them, and our anglers did just that. Jason Mazzocato and Paul Boucher from Kirkland Lake would take the lead the first day out with 5 Bass that weighed 20.20 lbs and come in the second day with another 5 Bass Sunday that weighed 21.46 lbs, for a total of 41.66 lbs to win the Classic plus big fish both days weighing 4.94 lbs Saturday and 5.10 lbs Sunday. With Big fish both days plus the Classic win the boys walked away with $3280 plus plaques and bragging rights for 2017.

Paul St Cyr and his brother Jean Guy from Kirkland Lake made a run at the winners on day one with 18.42 lbs and 18.66 lbs on day two for a total of 37.08 lbs which gave the boys second place and $1500 cash for the weekend. Paul & Jean Guy also became the 2017 Angler of Year winners, which is one of the hardest things to get in the Series because you need to have the highest total weight for the year fishing all 10 events against all the other teams fishing for the Angler of the year award.

Des Connelly and Sue Connelly from Temagami took 3rd place with 36.78 lbs for the $750 prize and plaques and will be a team to watch next year.

The free draw for the boat, motor and trailer from our great sponsors at Lund, Mercury , and Temagami Marine worth $5000 would go to Jim Krech and Paul Molson from Temagami.

The rest of the teams got cash down to 7th place and the at least $200 in prizes all the way down to the last place winners thanks to our other great sponsors at Canadian Tire New Liskeard, Chartrand Independent Grocher New Liskeard, Go Belt , Rosko,s Great Outdoors, Y&D Enterprizes Kirkland Lake and Larder Sports Bait & Tackle Larder Lake.

Next year we will be back bigger than ever with all the teams getting better and better each year, and a lot of our husband and wife teams coming back, which are a curse to me because they constantly like to beat up on us old boys LOL. The other good thing this year we have noticed is that there is a lot of new younger teams starting to fish the Series which I personally think is a great thing because this is one of the best sports in the world where young anglers can lean what it’s like to win and losing is not the end of the world. Our anglers pride themselves on teaching these young anglers sportsmanship and teaching them new teams tricks that they need to beat us, which you rarely see in any other spot and that’s way I say I, am proud to be the Tournament Director for northern Ontario,s biggest Bass Series the Temiskaming Smallmouth Bass Series.

Stay Safe have Fun

See you next year


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