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Howard and Dan Gifford Win the 2 day T.S.B. 2018 BASS CLASSIC on Lake Nipissing

I have been fishing Bass Tournament for over 50 years now, and seen alot of things in all these years, but it is a real pleasure to see a son fishing with his 84 year old dad, and Win a Bass Classic with a total weight of 41.50lbs on one of the most beautifull weekends I have ever seen on Lake Nipissing. Dan deserved this weekend and the win on one of the best fisheres around.

It,s hard to beleave that Dan in his 80,s could take the pounding of the waves, rain, heat and cold you face when you are fishing a Bass Tournament, but thats fishing and Dan knows if you want to win you got to take what mother nature gives you, and keep going. Dan is what I call one of the old school boys, who is not afaid to share how to or what to use, but where, well thats is up to you to figure out LOL.

I have watched Howard Gifford grow in this Series for the last 16 years from a young hot shot to a careing young man who decided he would fish with his father Dan, who loves fishing as much as life itself. If Howard and I can figure out where the fish are we can catch them Dan said and thats just what they did. The first day out the boys caught 18.84lbs followed by day 2 with 22.66lbs and big fish of the day weighting 5.40lbs. Howard is without question a great young fisherman who knows how to catch fish and Dan is as proud of him as he is of Dan and I,am glad to see this team win the 2018 Bass Classic.

Gary Neal and Andrew Poitras , are well known for being a team that know Lake Nipissing realy well and the team put the presure on leaders with a total weight of 40.12 lbs over the two days. Gary and Andrew had a spot that held up for 2 days but as always in any Tournament that one fish you always need just did not show up for thier offering that day.

Third place would go to the team of old school and new school of Marck Rich and Jason Mazzocato. Mark Rich has been a long time angler on Nipissing and won many Tournaments here, and Jason Mazzocato is a well known winner of events here in our northern Lakes. The team came in for a 2 day total of 38.62lbs and the Big fish of the day on day 1 weighing 5.10lbs.

Team of of the year would go to Paul and Jean Guy St Cyr. These 2 young anglers spent more time on the water pre fishing on every Lake than most of us spend at home, LOL. Everything we know, we have learned form other anglers over the years who gave us tips plus trial and error, and we learned to pass this on to the new anglers coming into the Tournament world. We work so hard trying to be the best that if we are acussed of something we did not do, we lose sight of the fact that these things should be settled off the water rather than on the water the boys said.

We are not perfect and the great thing about this Series is you can always talk to the Tournament director about anything, and you will get advice that has come from years of experiance. You cant change what happened in the past, but you can change what happes in the future, is a good tip we will remember.

The Free draw for the Boat Motor and Trailor from our great sponsors at Lund, Mercury, and Temagai Marine was also won by Paul and Jean Guy St.Cry .

Stay Safe have Fun

See you next year


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