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The 2017 Series get under way.

Sesiginika sees the season opener May 27 this year with mother nature giving us a sunny day for most of the time. The fishing was a post spawn bite and anglers had to slow down to get the fish, which seemed to be hard to catch at times. The water was anywhere fron 50 to 58 degrees and the fish where mostly sitting just off shore in around the 6 foot mark.

Mark Vallee and J.R.Thib from Englehart have started to figure out Lake Sesikinika in the spring bretty well. The team caught 17.14 lbs Saturday including the Big Fish of the day weighing 4.12lbs. The team fished hard and took their time, working every spot they knew might hold fish, becuse you cant aford to miss any bites on this water whith the way the weather has been the last while, the boys said.

Jason Mazzocato and Paul Boucher from Kirkland Lake are no strangers to the winners circle on Lake Sesikinika, and this year the team would be the second place winners here. The team found it a little harder this year as all of the teams are starting to find the best spots on the lake where the fish might be at certain times of the year. The team brought back 16.74lbs this year for the second place win.

The third place team would go to Becky and Monty Commings from New Liskeard. Becky and Monty have improved their fishing skills so much in the last few years the are even starting to beat a certain coupal of good old boys I know , lol. There is nothing better the girls in this series like better than beating us old timers and sometimes we let them Lol. The team came back with 15.48lbs to do just that today, but theres always tommarrow LOL.

Larder Lake Day two

Once again the sun popped for another great day on Larder Lake. The fishing was good as always on Larder Lake but as usual finding a 3 lb fish here would be the trick to winning the event. You can catch 100 fish a day here but if you can get a 2 and 3/4 average you will more than likly win the event. Paul Boucher from Kenogami and Jason Mazzocato Kirkland Lake did just that on Larder this weekend bringing back 14.30lbs to take 1st place, and the Big Fish of the day weighing 3.48lbs.

Paul StCyr from Kirkland Lake and John Gee StCyr from King Kirkaland came back with 13.04lbs to take the second place win with a lot of help from thier secret wepon John Guys daughter Ashley who usaly catches all the fish LOL.

Now the third place winners are a mix of old and new. Brent Polson has been around the series for years and Al Moony just a few , but they are starting to act as a team now and picking up a style that is paying off. The team came back with 11.66lbs to win the third place spot but being a humble team that they are they just said maybe you old boys can catch something next time LOL.

Next Event will be New Liskeard and Bay Lake June See You there Stay Safe have Fun Dave

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