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2017 RULES

  1. ENTRY FEE QUALIFIERS - $100.00 per boat; $20.00 big fish option. 75% paid back at qualifiers and 25% goes to Classic

  2. ENTRY FEE FOR CLASSIC - $200.00. MUST be paid before Sept.1st,2017 NO REFUNDS or entree fees excepted after this date.

  3. Qualifying for the Classic - Must fish 6 events and have a partner who has done the same. You can fish 5 and buy in one at the cost of $200 paided for before that event

  4. Artifical lures only.

  5. Teams are considered 2 anglers per boat.

    1. In any Qualifier you ( MAY) have a child under 15 fish for (FREE) but not in Classic.
    2. If you are stuck you may fish alone in any qualifier. (But not in the Classic)

  6. Angler Of Year will be the team that has fished togeather and has the best weight fishing togeather that year.
  7. Limits - 5 fish per day in Qualifiers, 5 fish per day in the Classic

  8. All fish must be alive; you must have some type of live well system to protect fish so they can be live released.

  9. Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass only

  10. All MNR rules apply plus all Provincial and Federal laws.

  11. Life jackets must be worn while engine is running faster than trolling speed.


  13. Pre fishing for the 2017 season WILL be allowed up to the Fir.. night before each qualifying event.
    The Classic will still be NO PRE FISHING from the Monday before the Temiskaming Smallmouth Bass Tournament Series 2017 Classic.

  14. There will be a 100 foot rule in effect, and no casting towards another boart in that zone.

  15. No Booze or Drugs

  16. Tournament Director or Officials may disqualify team or teams for rule infractions with no refund.

  17. There will be no way of weighing your fish in early, so you must keep them alive or release fish if you think they will not make it.

  18. Late weigh-ins will cost the team 1 lb. per minute; after 10 minutes late, you lose your weight for that day.

  19. Qualifying Tournaments hours are 7am to 3 pm.

  20. Classic hours will be 8am to 4pm Saturday and 8am to 3pm Sunday for Safty reasons.

  21. Sportsmanship
    All anglers are asked to conduct themselves in the highest standard of sportsmanship possible, in conservation, & actions, that will be a credit to themselves, Temiskaming Smallmouth Bass, our sponsors and the sport of fishing.

Temiskaming Smallmouth Bass will have the right to disqualify, or refuse entry into any or all events depending on the severity of the infraction.

For further information contact any Director.

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